Re-Dsicover Brick


“I have the people from Century Achitexture here as I write and they are the best! They are installing my brick wall, which will be a fantastic feature in my bathroom.”
Susan Abramson,
Interior Designer,
Toronto Designers


“Our Clients and I have dealt with Century Architexture Inc. for years now, during which time they have provided us with an excellent product, service, and support. I can confidently and would highly recommend Century Architexture Inc. as a solid manufacturer and reliable supplier in their field.”
Nelson Costa,
VP of Construction,
Pita Pit


“A truly authentic reproduction with all the style and warmth of real brick.”
Geoff Helby,
Regional Manager,
ALG Canada


“People are amazed at how real the walls look!”
Terry Becker,
Senior Manager, Operations,
BMO Bank of Montreal